At base, we are using ORE as presented in Wild Talents Essential edition with the following tweaks:

Hard Dice are replaced with Expert Dice (from Project:Nemesis)
Expert Dice can be set to any value before the roll, but only 1 can be set to each value. e.g. if you have 2 Expert dice you could set them to 10 and 9, but not 10 and 10.
Expert dice can be matched with dice from the called shot option.
Expert dice are lost 1st by penalty dice, as per Hard dice.
Expert dice cost double compare to normal dice.

New type of Extra for hyperstats/hyperskills/miracles: easy multiple actions.
With special training or augumentation you are good at doing this thing at at the same time as other actions.
this increases your effective dicepool one skill or action when using the multiple-actions option.
Cost +?
example: You have dicepool of 6 with 2 levels of easy multiple actions in sidearms, and a dicepool of 5 in driving. You want to drive defensively and shoot a pistol out the window. Your lower pool is 5 in driving, -1 for declaring two actions, +2 for easy multiple actions for a total of 6 dice.

The intent of these changes it to simulate/encourage the Shadowrun trope of well cordinted people taking multiple actions in the time it takes for a normal person to do one.


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