We are using the ‘Madness Meters’ rules from Project:NEMESIS, with some slight modifications.

Violence: This gauge dictates how you handle violence; whether inflicting or suffering from it.

The Unnatural: This gauge deals with things that fall outside of the status quo – supernatural events beyond the normal human range of experience.

Self: This gauge deals with internal conflict, especially guilt. Commit a crime, injure someone you love, lie to your best friend, this is all covered by the Self gauge.

Helplessness: This measures your reaction to traumatic events that you can’t control.

The differences are that the mechnical bonuses and penalties take effect from 5 (or 6, needs playtesting) hardened notches (because once you have 10 failed notches you are almost certainly dead and so are problably the people near to you).

The Unnatural meter needs to be updated as magic, paracritters and spirits are are common knowledge.
(You can have a pizza delivered by spirit, seriously. It’s a niche/bonus service but it exists!)


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